Acupuncture and Stress Relief

Transcript of Acupuncture and Stress Relief:

"Hi I'm Dr Peter Hanfileti from Points of Origin in Vancouver, Washington.

I'd like to answer one of the most common questions I get from people in my office practice.

The question is: Can acupuncture help me with stress?

My answer is yes it can!

I can say this because I know that acupuncture has been very beneficial for many of my own patients with their management of stress.

Here are some important things I want you to know about acupuncture and stress which will help you decide if it's right for you.

#1. Everyone experiences some level of stress because of the world we live in. The question is: how is a person's energy system and their whole body handling or managing the stress response.

In the acupuncture meridian system, we assess how a person's energy is being distributed in real time and whether it is following a strategy that maintains balance for the person or one that may lead to an imbalanced state.

We also must keep in mind the concept of a threshold, which simply means there is a limit to how much stress a person can accommodate before the system starts to unravel. This is why an individualized approach is such a key component of any holistic health-care system.

#2. Another misconception some people have is the belief that the impact of unresolved stressful situations or events will simply decrease with the passage of time.

In the energy medicine way of looking at things, time is no object to energetic influences and it does not solve problems on its own. In other words, stress and its effects tend to be cumulative over time. This is why we must concentrate on a person's past history while doing an evaluation.

Fortunately, if a person's system is responsive to acupuncture there can be tremendous improvement and re-balancing to help them diminish the stress response especially when it is out of proportion to what is going on currently in a person's life.

#3. The sources of stress we experience can have importance from a treatment strategy standpoint. Whether stress is coming from home, work, relationships, internal versus external, and even stress coming from the environment and climate and weather changes: these all can have an effect on the part of your energy system which is responsible for dealing with stress.

In the Chinese medicine system, certain meridian circuits are mostly in charge of external stressors, while others monitor internal stressors like repetitive thoughts, worry, lack of self confidence and being overly self critical. I think it is important for people to know that acupuncture can play an important and useful role in the management and alleviation of these psychological and emotional issues just as well as the more physical and musculoskeletal pain related syndromes.

#4. Finally, the real question I know you have is will acupuncture work for you? How your body and system responds to acupuncture is a very individual thing. Since everyone is different, the likelihood of getting relief for stress is variable and depends on you.

I like to describe it this way: acupuncture is more like a system of communication which your system has the ability to receive and benefit from. How that input is received and what your body does with the information - that is the part that is individual for everybody.

If you find that acupuncture works to decrease your stress levels, you will know that your system is able to absorb and work with the information it receives through the stimulation of the acupuncture points on your body.

Once that avenue of communication is open and activated, you will be able to use the acupuncture system as a method to help you with many other things, not just for stress relief.

I will leave you with the encouragement to find an acupuncturist in your area who can help you with your stress management. Once you have experience with this incredible and relaxing method of treatment, you are likely to learn even more about your energy system than you ever thought possible, and you'll want to try it for many other conditions and situations that may come up in your life.

Thanks for listening and watching. I'm Dr Peter Hanfileti from Points of Origin in Vancouver Washington."

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